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I'll help you navigate college, develop your independence, and create an action plan to rock your classes all the way to graduation.

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as a first-generation college student,

college doesn't always come easy. Schools don't always teach us everything we need to know so lots of students feel lost and overwhelmed when they start. Shockingly, did you know 30% of students drop out in their first year?

No worries, though! I'm here to help. I'll teach you the skills you need to succeed in college and beyond. With structured practices, you'll graduate on time, confident, and feeling accomplished as part of the academic community.

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Time to ditch the loneliness and insecurity of school and embrace a world of guidance! Get support, sort your college dreams, and make a roadmap for success. Build your future, not what others want for you. Smash the limits and surround yourself with a supportive squad. Being successful tomorrow starts with planning and good habits today.

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Whether you're getting ready for your first year of college or looking to boost your academic performance in year 2+, this LIVE group coaching program is designed to equip you with the strategies needed to lay a solid foundation for success and shape your future. From time management to study habits, you'll learn practical strategies that will help you achieve your goals. Join us and let's level up together!

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I work with educators to build and grow their college success program so that faculty and staff feel confident supporting their students with resources designed for first-gen student in their academic journey to college.

  • College Program Curriculum Audits

  • Small Group Coaching for staff & faculty

  • Burnout to Balance college success workshops for students

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about me

I was once a very lost first generation college student with lots of goals but no direction or support. I worked too hard in all the directions because I didn't know where to start. And then I found my passion and things changed.


I've been in school my whole life, literally. I love learning so much that I signed up for six years of college. And just when I thought that wasn't enough, I started teaching high school English, community college English, and Freshman Seminar courses at the university level for the past 15 years.

Plus, I've been a new student at three different colleges, and I'm the first in my family to earn two college degrees in a career I chose for myself. It's never easy to be the first to go to college, but it's a great way to build independence and break those molds that people say we should fit into.

My ultimate career goal is to help people like you unlearn the part about college where everyone teaches you it's a survival of the fittest game. I truly believe that all students can achieve amazing academic results if they stay disciplined and focused.

So, are you ready to take your seat at the academic table and own it?

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